ceramic jewelry box Silpada ‘Pans??e’ Beaded Stretch Bracelet in Sterling Silver



Curate your unique style with this bracelet, delicate as a flower. Crafted in chic sterling silver, this stretch bracelet is perfect for completing any look.MINIMALIST: Delicate looks that, when layered together, pack a huge style punch! Stackable pieces can be worn alone for a dainty, everyday look or layered on top of one another for a statement-making look with minimal effort.NO STONE: Enjoy the sleek lines and understated design of this all-metal piece, perfect for channeling a minimalist-inspired lookSTERLING SILVER: Silpada??s signature metal is known amongst jewelry wearers for its strength, brightness, shine, and decreased risks of allergic reactions and tarnish residue on skinMEASUREMENTS: Bracelet measures 7 1/2 inches long, and features a slip on design


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