eve’s addiction jewelry Fearless Cuff Bracelet



DESIGN: Inspirational Fearless cuff bracelet. Dreamy, scrawling script is featured on a sleek metallic cuff for a look that??s edgy yet feminine.INSCRIPTION LEFT: Sky above me, earth below me, fire within meINSCRIPTION RIGHT: Sky above me, earth below me, fire within meSIZE AND MATERIAL: Made of stainless steel. Measures 6.5???? around, 1???? wide. Open band adjusts to fit most wristsINTENDED USE: Believe it and know it with our original ??Fearless?? cuff. Stamped with words like ??courageous?? and ??resilient??, its empowering message grounds your spirit while kindling the determination you need to take on whatever scary tasks lie in your path.


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