jewelry stores tucson SPUNKYsoul Turtle Starfish Howlite Bracelet or Anklet Set Beach Collection



?? THE ENVY OF ALL MERMAIDS! Beachy Howlite Sea Turtle and Starfish Bracelets or Anklet 3 Pack. Measures 6.5 to 12 circumference. Easily layer with other bracelets and anklets!?? INCLUDES CARIBBEAN BEACHY TRIBAL BAG and meaningful message card making it gift ready out of the box. Beautiful to wear and wonderful to give! Or treat YOURSELF to this special gift!?? HOWLITE: Howlite is one of the ??attunement stones?? to higher spiritual consciousness. It opens and prepares the mind to receive the energies and wisdom of attunements. Reduces anxiety, tension and stress. It can be used to help with awareness, encourage emotional expression and eliminate pain, stress and anger.?? SYMBOLISM OF THE TURTLE: Endangered and mystical, the turtle is a great example of patience, persistence, determination, endurance and more. The turtle is a survivor and has few predators, which gives it an innocent energy. This also increases its lifespan, and so holds the symbolic meaning for longevity in many cultures. The turtle spirit animal reminds us of the ageless nature of our soul.?? SYMBOLISM OF THE STARFISH: Starfish are well known for their amazing ability to regenerate limbs.The starfish enhances periods of healing and renewal. It also represents your intuition, and how your first instincts are usually right. Symbolic Starfish Meaning Quick List: Strength, Hope, Regenerative, Patient, Magical, Healing, Sensitive, Longevity, Renewing, Perceptive, Mysterious, Resourceful.


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